The Process

The Process

This process is based on The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price, which you will require to participate in the program.

I will facilitate a session for The 40 Day Abundance Program for 40 consecutive days.

Together we will walk through the content in The Abundance Book, using supportive spiritual technologies to enhance our Abundance consciousness until we believe and embody the truth that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE…including the manifestation of a life that is beyond your wildest dreams!

There is no lack in the Universe!


No matter what stage you’re in Beloved, it is Iyanla’s desire that these offerings contain something for everybody. Whether you’re just getting started in this process, or are ready to deepen your practice and expand your world…this is the place to do it.

(Sounds like a good idea for a Christmas present if you ask me! 😉)

And as you navigate the holiday season, remember: When you are filling your plate from a place of not-enough-ness, you’ll always end up with not too much there.

Be love…because you are love.

Five-8 Day Cycles:

In order to manifest our Abundance Desires and realize the fulfillment of our true intentions, we will be working through Five-8 Day Cycles:
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