Why Abundance


Have You Put The Brakes On Abundance?

I, Iyanla, confess! Like many people, I was taught to create from a consciousness of lack . . . what I didn’t have, what I couldn’t do, how someone or something stopped me from getting what I thought I needed or wanted. I could be wrong but . . . I don’t believe I was alone in the consciousness and experience of lack and scarcity.  I also confess that I knew, in order to get what I wanted, to have what I wanted, I needed resources that I didn’t have and couldn’t seem to get. Today, many years later, I realized that in order to have the resources I needed, I had to be “Re-Sourced” – – – reconnected to the Source of all things.  Reconnected to my Divine Self, the power of my mind and heart.   I had forgotten that I have been given everything that I need to create the life of my dreams. Re-Sourced and reconnected into a consciousness, a frequency, the energy of Abundance, Expansion, and Fulfillment. So today, I choose to be Open and Willing to receive the Resources necessary to create the life of my dreams! A life of Joy and Peace and Freedom and . . . ABUNDANCE for myself and my family!   That is my story.  What is yours?

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