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Have You Put The Brakes On Abundance?

I, Iyanla, confess! Like many people, I was taught to create from a consciousness of lack . . . what I didn’t have, what I couldn’t do, how someone or something stopped me from getting what I thought I needed or wanted. I could be wrong but . . . I don’t believe I was alone in the consciousness and experience of lack and scarcity.  I also confess that I knew, in order to get what I wanted, to have what I wanted, I needed resources that I didn’t have and couldn’t seem to get. Today, many years later, I realized that in order to have the resources I needed, I had to be “Re-Sourced” – – – reconnected to the Source of all things.  Reconnected to my Divine Self, the power of my mind and heart.   I had forgotten that I have been given everything that I need to create the life of my dreams. Re-Sourced and reconnected into a consciousness, a frequency, the energy of Abundance, Expansion, and Fulfillment. So today, I choose to be Open and Willing to receive the Resources necessary to create the life of my dreams! A life of Joy and Peace and Freedom and . . . ABUNDANCE for myself and my family!   That is my story.  What is yours?

The new calendar year presents a perfect opportunity to embark on a new endeavor, especially one that positions you for Prosperity, Wealth and Abundance! Whether you believe in New Year’s Resolutions or not, there is something rewarding about the fresh start and blank slate January provides.

As you welcome the new year, I encourage you to consider how you are preparing to live more abundantly or manifest the prosperity you rightfully deserve.  I also invite you to consider how you may be putting the breaks on your Abundance experience with thoughts of and beliefs in lack and scarcity?

Abundance is a divine birthright and a gift of grace from your Source.

The 40-Day Abundance Process can show you how to tap into the Source and create the resources you need and desire.

If you want to know the end, look at the beginning!  You have the opportunity to start 2024 in a different way.  This is an invitation to commit to and invest in a 40 Day Process that can and will recalibrate your mind and heart to the energy of Abundance.  

Your Investment - - - YOU CHOOSE!

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